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TRAA News & Events

Sept 1, 2017: We received 3 bids, all of which were significantly higher than the Engineer's Estimate. After discussions with the FAA and Cal Trans, it was determined that we are going to defer any further ACIP Grant Funding requests until the following year. At our next Board Meeting, which will be held on the 7th of September, we will be discussing our next steps.

July 13, 2017The RFP for the runway, electrical/lighting and drainage improvements is scheduled to be made available week of the 17th of July. The tentative schedule for the RFP process is as follows: Release of RFP - 7/20, Pre-bid meeting - 8/2, Bid opening - 8/16, Contract award - 8/25. Additional information to follow.

June 10, 2017As part of the FAA's ongoing review process of the airports ACIP Grant Application for runway, drainage and electrical improvements, the FAA was recently onsite to confirm some of the design pararmeters as defined within the application. As a result of this review, this past week, we received notification from the FAA that they were moving forward with our Grant Application. This notification provides the City the assurances they were looking for in order to commit City resources for the preparation and publishing of an RFP. Tentative timeframe for commencement of improvements - Late October 2017. Additional updates to follow.

April 1, 2017: Young Eagles Day to be scheduled for the 9th of September. Please let us know if you would like to participate in this years event, either as a volunteer or if you have an aircraft, that you would be willing to fly.  More information to follow.

December 13, 2016: Over the course of the past few years, the TRAA and the City of of Turlock have been going through the process of positioning the airport for its next round of capital improvement funding. As part of the requirements to be eligible for funding, the airport had to update its Airport Layout Plan (ALP). That process is nearing completion with an anticipated FAA sign off within the next month. On December 13, the City Council approved moving forward with the processing of a Grant in the amount of approximately $2,300,000. The Scope of work to completed would include new electrical to support new runway lighting, the complete overhaul/re-engineering of the existing runway including widening by 10' feet and new safety over-run areas. The Scope would also include a dedicated drainage swale for the runway. Summer of 2017 is the anticipated date for commencement of these improvements with completion by early Fall of 2017.  


July 22, 2016: As reported during our annual membership meeting, the TRAA Board has been working towards the development of an entrance monument at the corner of East Ave and Newport Road. Through the efforts of Larry Yeakel, who has prepared all of the required permiting documentation, we are weeks away from receiving a permit to construct our monument. We will be looking for volunteers to assistant in this effort. Please email any questions and/or your interest in helping to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. UPDATE: Permit has been issued. TRAA will need to raise funds for the completion of the project.

June 24, 2016:Due to the fires through out the state, the wild land fire exercise has been canceled.  exerci


UPDATE April 14, 2016: Dream Flights will be providing additional flights to our Veterans on April 17th starting at 9:00am. Everyone is encouraged to come out to visit with these Veterans before their flights in Dream Flight's fully restored Stearman. Last year was a hugh success with many a story told from years gone by.


January 4, 2016:As reported back on August 8, 2014, the TRAA was soliciting responses through the RFP process in providing flight instructions, aircraft rentals services and maintenance.  At that time there was one response submitted, which came from SkyView Aviation out of Tracy, CA. Based on circumstances beyond Sky View Aviation's control, they had to put their plans on hold.  Since that time, the TRAA republished the RFP and Sky View again was the only FBO to respond. The TRAA Board will be reviewing Sky View's submittal at their February 18, 2016 Board Meeting. UPDATE: TRAA Board has reviewed and approved Sky View Aviation as the FBO for the airport.


November 25, 2015:The pole barns at the south east part of the airport were razed today.  We are looking for volunteers to assist in the dismantling of sheet metal, poles and misc. trusses etc., which will then be placed in a nearby staging area for further recycling and disposal.  If you can volunteer, provide equipment, e.g. tractor, chordless screw guns, etc., please respond via e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


November 19, 2015:The TRAA Board is currently in the process of finalizing a set of Development Standards for the construction of hangars.  We are hopeful that they will be adopted by the City of Turlock after the first of the year. Once adopted, those who wish to construct a hangar(s) on the previously approved pad areas as shown on Airport Layout Plan will have an oppotunity to do so.


November 6, 2015: Weights and Measures from the County of Merced recently verified the volume accurancy of our fuel pump.


November 4, 2015When taking your receipt after fueling, check that you receive the correct one (time and N #). Received calls stating that the correct amount of fuel was not received.  It turned out that the previous individual fueling did not take his receipt.  When the individual in question went to fuel his plane he ended up pulling out the previous individuals receipt. 


October 3, 2015Starting this Thursday and continuing through Saturday the 7th, a survey crew will be conducting a GIS Airport Survey.  The work will be performed each day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Part of the work will require vehicles to be on the runway.  These vehicles will be property marked and lighted as required and will also be equiped with radios in order to monitor both departing and arriving aircraft. In addition, a NOTAM has been plublished.


September 26, 2015Another successful Young Eagles Event with over 110 children flown (Turlock Journal article .  We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to EAA Chapter 663 for sponsoring this years event, the City of Turlock's Parks and Recreation staff, the countless volunteers, and a special thanks to the following pilots for donating their time and aircraft to this event:

Brian Greene

Bruce Baldwin

Dirk Ulrich

Don Snock

Doug Ulrich

Doug Smith

Howard Chien

James Lawson

John Gottschalk

Michael Mayor

Richard Johnson

Scott Adcleis

Steve Bradford



August 8, 2015: Election Results: All three (3) incumbents were re-elected; William Behrens, Dennis Lundin and Phil Browning, with Doug Ulrich filling the vacate Board position.  There is one open Board position available due to Harrison Gibbs early departure from the Board.  Harrison had one (1) year left on his term.  For those that would be interested in serving out Harrison's term, we would encourage you to come to the next Board Meeting scheduled for September 10, 2015.  In order to be considered you must be a member of the TRAA in good standing.   


July 17, 2015:Young Eagles Day to be scheduled for the 26th of September. Please let us know if you would like to participate in this years event, either as a volunteer or if you have an aircraft, that you would be willing to fly.  More information to follow.


June 20, 2015: The TRAA is in the process of temporarily taking over the fuel service at the airport.  The pricing will be adjusted as soon as possible to reflect the average pricing in the surrounding Central California area as it applies to the remaining fuel. Once this fuel is exhausted, fuel pricing at the pump will be dictated by market conditions at the time we or an operator commits to purchase fuel.


June 6, 2015: Annual Membership meeting is set for August 8th at 11:00 am.  There are four (4) positions open on the Board. A mailer has been mailed out with complete details. If you desire an opportunity to run for the Board, please submit your name or the name of any other member in good standing to the nominating committee before July 2, 2015. 


2015 TRAA Nominating Committee

4030 S. Quincy

Hughson, CA  95326


May 2, 2015The Wild Land Fire exercise has been confirmed for the 27th, 29th and 30th of May.  The airport will be closed from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on each of these days.  A NOTAM will be published.


March 23, 2015: The City of Turlock's Fire Department in conjunction with a number of other fire agencies is planning a wild land fire exercise at the airport.  The exercise is tentatively scheduled to start on the 27th of May and run for a 5 day period.  The exercise will consist of the controlled burning of all non-paved surfaces at the airport.  The plan would be to close the runway mid-morning and then re-open in the late afternoon on each of the days scheduled for the exercise.


March 12, 2015: A work day has been scheduled at the airport for the 28th of March.  We will be concentrating on the squirrel holes along the runway and at each end - POSTPONED


February 25. 2015: Runway 12 end and edge indentifier lights are fully operational. 


February 23, 2015Fuel has been delivered,


February 20, 2015Rotating beacon is fully operational.


February 19, 2015Fuel has been ordered and should be delivered within the next few days.


February 13, 2015Fuel is currently unavailable at the airport and efforts are being made to get a supply as quickly as possible.


February 6, 2015: Volunteers and equipment needed (tractors, portal generators and skill saws). As part of the re-utilization of the Golden By-products property, the TRAA will be contracting for the razing of the existing pole barns, which were deemed unsafe.  The metal roofing material will be recycled and the residual material, including the telephone poles and trusses will need to be moved to a selected location for future disposal. Please respond to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with both your availability to volunteer and/or equipment you may be able to provide. 


January 16, 2015: A couple of updates worth noting. First, the Board, through assistance from the City of Turlock has been able to obtain permission from the FAA to allow for the use of the Golden By-products property for non-aviation use. With this permission, the Board will be in a position to create other revenue generating opportunities that will greatly benefit the airport.


We finally have a plan to deal with those dreaded tumbleweeds.  The City of Turlock Fire Department is currently exploring having a wild land fire exercise at the airport.  We have a number of areas that are ideal for this type of exercise according to the Fire Department.  We are hopeful this will turn into an annual event.  The plan would be to burn all areas not covered by asphalt. As you can imagine, there is a tremendous amount of planning involved, including approval from a number of agencies. The plan would to conduct this exercise some time in May.


October 10, 2014:

The City of Turlock was recently notified that the Turlock Municipal Airport had been awarded $100,000 to be used for the updating of their Airport Layout Plan (ALP).  The updating of the ALP, once completed, will allow the airport to apply for additional grant funding for previously identified and designed airport improvements.  Those improvements include the complete upgrading of the existing runway to adhere to compliance standards for both width and drainage, along with replacement of the existing runway lighting.  The ALP will also be amended to classify certain areas of the airport for non-aviation related uses, which will allow the airport to explore other reveune generating options in an effort to further support the airports on-going operations.


September 28, 2014:

The 2014 Young Eagles Day is in the books and it was a huge success.  Flying conditions were perfect for the 104 kids that participated.  Thanks goes out to all the volunteers that participated in making this a great event. Special thanks goes to the staff of the City of Turlock's Parks and Recreation Department for coordinating an arts and craft table for the kids who were waiting for their airplane ride and to Chapter 663 of the EAA who were the official EAA Sponsor for the event.


Participating pilots:

Robert Zylstra - Special thanks to Skyview Aviation for use of their aircraft.

Ohan Merguerian - Special thanks to Skyview Aviation for use of their aircraft.

Brian Green

Matt McFarlane - Special thanks to Dean Deorkson for use of his aircraft

Robert Cowman II

Doug Smith


August 8, 2014 :

Interested parties had previously approached the City of Turlock and the TRAA regarding providing flight instructions, aircraft rentals services and maintenance.  Based on this request, the city, in conjunction with the TRAA prepared a Request for Proposal, which is being published within this web site for interested parties to respond to.


August 1, 2014:

Young Eagles Event is currently scheduled for September 27, 2014. Pilots who are members of the EAA will be providing free flights to kids from 8-17 years old.  The City of Turlock will be providing a number of activities for the kids while they wait for a flight.  Breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase as well. Sign ups for this years event will take place at the City of Turlock's Parks and Recreation Department at 144 S. Broadway, Turlock. 209-668-5594


July 6, 2014 :

We are currently in the process of organizing another EAA Young Eagles event at the end of September.  For those who own an aircraft and would be willing to participate, please respond through the "Contact Us" page of this web site.  The City of Turlock's Recreation Department will be a major participant in this event and we therefore expect a large community turn out.

Hope you can join us for this worthwhile event.

July 1, 2014:

New wind socks have been ordered and should be in place by next week.

  • June 29, 2014:
  • With the help of the city and the equipment that they provided, we were able to remove of a majority of tumbleweeds along our entrance road and along the inside of our fence along Newport Road. 
  • At the next Board Meeting, discussions regarding on-going weed control and general maintenance will be the main Agenda Item.

Thanks to those that were able to make it out.

  • June 28, 2014 :
  • Save the date:  The TRAA Work Day is scheduled for 7:00AM on Saturday.


Bring a pitchfork if you have one.  We need help to get the tumbleweeds gone. We will have the assistance of some city equipment to pick-up and haul off the dry tumbleweeds, we just need to get them out away from the fence and things so that the equipment can pick them up and haul them off.  

 TRAA will be providing lunch for those that help.  Thank you.


Board Agenda  Board Agendas are available at the meeting.

    • Board Meeting - The meeting is usually scheduled for the second Thursday of the month.  Unless other wise noted, the Board meetings will be held at 6:00 pm at City Hall, 156 S, Broadway, 2nd Floor, El Capitan Room.



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